100% Biker Issue 233 (published: 05/05/2018) 233

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100-biker-issue 233 front cover

100% Biker Issue 233

“Do you know where you’re going to?/Do you like the things life is showing you? /Where are you going to? Do you know?”

Top marks if you recognised that as the opening lines of ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To?’, the theme from Mahogany made famous by Diana Ross. (You’re probably also protesting that it’s not in your collection and you only know it because when your Mum had had a row with your Dad she would play it over and over again while drinking the cooking sherry and muttering how her mother was right.) Anyway, there’s no need for you not to know where you’re going this summer with our HUGE guide to summer events. There’s hundreds in there! We did try to count them all but we got dizzy after 300 or so and had to lie down for a bit.

Accompanying the Summer Guide is a fabulous copy of your favourite magazine, complete with everything from Arnie’s aggressive Kawasaki to Paul’s hand-built Shovelhead to an amazing Indian to a re-imagined Yamaha Dragstar to a cute-as-a-button Brat-style Herald 250cc to a modified Honda rebel. We’ve been all over the place, too – looking at the best of the season’s bike at Kickback, drag racing at NitrOlympx, hanging out with US choppers at Mama Tried, seeing the finest flat trackers at Red Max Speed Shop and watching century-old bikes at the Pioneer Run. We certainly know where we’re going! 

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