100% Biker Issue 226 (published: 19/10/2017) 226

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100% Biker Issue 226

28 Days Later is one of the best British horror films made this century. In short, a laboratory chimp

infects a female animal rights protestor with a highly contagious rage-inducing virus and kills all her

mates, whereupon they turn into zombies and everything goes to hell in a handcart. It sounds not unlike

our very own 100% Biker office around deadline, but it’s also the name of #226’s cover bike, probably

the most stylish GasGas you will ever see, and built in 28 days. Or thereabouts...


We also bring you a Harley Shovelhead which is more steam deco than steam punk; Damian’s straight

outta Bay Area Honda digger; the sparkiest little Kawasaki Z200 this side of the Pennines; Custom

Chrome Europe’s latest Sportster; a customised learner Yamaha while Old Empire Motorcycles produces

yet another sleek build in the shape of the Yamaha XT660 Tucano. Our feet haven’t touched the ground

as we’ve been to the Bristol Bike Show, The Trip Out, Malle Mile, Dragstalgia, Foundry Motorcycles’

Open Day, Stourbridge MCC’s Custom Show, Bugsplatz MCC’s show and Headstock, proving yet again

that no-one even comes close to us for the best events coverage anyway. And guess what, you’ve got 28

days to read it all in before the next issue!

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