100% Biker Issue 251 (published: 22/09/2019) 251

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100% Biker Issue 251

Ever wondered how you start up a nuclear reactor? Well, it’s not with a kick start or a long rope pull, it’s with the help of californium-251, a transuranium or radioactive chemical element that was first created in the University of California Radiation Laboratory. However, you don’t need any radioactive isotopes to kickstart #251 of 100% Biker into life because it’s already raring to go!

Barney has owned his Triumph for over 40 years, but it’s taken four decades and a complete rebuild to get it on the cover of your favourite custom magazine. On the centrespread is Toddy’s bang-up-to-date generator Shovel, as neat a Harley as you will ever see. Elsewhere there’s a very cool Honda CX500 (yes, ‘cool’ and ‘CX500’ in the same sentence!); a new Kawasaki build from Crobba Customers, the Panhead that Chris struggled and saved to build herself; a revamped Honda CB650 by Scar’s Motorcycles and the third part of Odgie’s attempt to conquer the ’tracking world. We bring you huge coverage of Stormin’ The Castle (yes, the one that was less than two weeks ago!), the final Flanders Chopper Bash, Yorkshire Pudding and Rorke’s Drift rallies, Dirt Diggers #2, V-Twin Custom Cycles’ Party, Northants NCC’s Custom Show and the Bideford Bike Show. To mark 50 years since the release of Easy Rider in this country, we have an in-depth look at the film that changed everything.


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